Farewell, PeakRP ❤️
October 10th 2016 - October 10th 2021

Hello Peakers,

We launched our PeakRP v1 beta on 10th October 2016, and today, 5 years later, it feels like the right time to bring an end to PeakRP and move on from Habbo.

When we started peak, we were at university looking for a fun project to work on, hoping to make a game that would give us something to do over the summer. We never imagined that hundreds of people would come to enjoy and play for years to come and we are extremely thankful to all the people who have supported us and the game, making PeakRP such a fun experience for so many.

Our lives today are much different, and we no longer have the motivation or time to dedicate on updates and running peak. v5 was a version that was never meant to happen and certainly was not planned to last such a long time, but we are incredibly proud of the game we created and it really surpassed all of our expectations.

To the staff, past and present, thank you for dedicating your free time to help us make the best game possible, we know you all have bright futures ahead of you.

To the players, we hope you have all had a blast playing the game, made great friendships and can look back on a bunch of fond memories of your time on PeakRP over the years.

All the best,
Cosmo & Haidyn ❤️