Apex is a brand new take on the classic Habbo Roleplay. It moves away from corporations and traditional stats such as strength and stamina.

Apex has an array of brand new features, such as a minimap, health bars, new heists, skills, and a marketplace, as well as many reworked aspects of the core gameplay.

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Owning and controlling turfs is much more important on Apex. Enjoy a turf room which will adapt itself to whatever you choose as your gang colours, as well as a turf HQ accessible only to you and your gang.

Turf HQs will be required to process stolen valuables and will offer new bonuses. If you want to be the best gang, you'll want to control a turf.


There is a number of different criminal activities on Apex, including multiple heists. Steal ID to raid the bank, lockpick doors to heist the jewellery store and blow up walls to rob the local stores.

There is a heavy focus on fighting, gang wars and crimes. The brand new map will have no safe zones, so you will have to remain alert while wandering the streets!

We have also a put a lot of effort into improving room load speed even more on Apex, allowing everyone to get involved in fighting.


While Apex has no corporations to work in - healing, energy and weaponry is still required and comes from those users who choose to take farming skills. Become a farmer, fisher or miner and you'll be selling your stock on the marketplace for coin.

There are also brand new skills for fighters, replacing tradition roleplay skills. Damage, healing or stuns? Upgrading weapons, bombs, throwing axes or drugs? All skills have unique uses, so you will have to choose wisely!


These are just a few teasers of what's to come on Apex.

There is a lot more including massively improved room load (instant, no black screen on MX), a custom coded marketplace, guards that patrol the city, random world events (GTA V style) with leaderboards and prizes, houses on the map available to purchase, a pub chill zone with radio, police dogs and a brand new charge system... the list goes on!

Join our Discord and forums for the latest updates, discussions and teasers.

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