PeakRP v1

25,564 users
405,619 hours of play time
67,596,194 chat messages

39,129 gangs created
97,353 kills
3,362,143 punches thrown
$6,520,410 wages earned

10/03/2017 26/08/2017

Peak Apex

Apex is a brand new take on the classic Habbo Roleplay. It moves away from corporations and traditional stats such as strength and stamina.

Apex has an array of brand new features, such as a minimap, health bars, new heists, skills, and a marketplace, as well as many reworked aspects of the core gameplay.

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PeakRP v2

35,225 users
828,871 hours of play time
163,357,538 chat messages

61,234 gangs created
171,555 kills
6,319,985 punches thrown
£20,775,574 wages earned

15/12/2017 09/12/2018